6 Places In Delhi To Find Handicraft Goods That Don’t Cost A Bomb!


6 Places In Delhi To Find Handicraft Goods That Don’t Cost A Bomb!

Central Cottage Industries Emporium
This place is a shopper’s delight as it gives a complete shopping experience. Huge building having 5 floors to explore, you get the best and finest Indian handicraft under one roof. From furniture to statues to clothing to decoration to the paintings you get everything here in abundance. Unlike the markets, this place is hustle free and quite relaxing. You will not have to worry about haggling here since it is a government sponsored place. Foreigners and tourists will always be seen here, that’s a wise one indeed.

Dilli Haat
Dilli haat is the mecca for the tourists and the localities to buy anything you can think of. It is a home to thousands of handicraft and hand loom artisans and a treasure house of craft. Huge open place, just apt to hang out in peace and enjoy lovely food from all the states. It will transport you to the magical world of art and heritage by giving you a fascinating panorama of craft. This place has a good collection of rose wood and sandalwood carvings, traditional jewelries, silk and wool fabrics etc.

Janpath Market
Janpath which means people’s path is one of the main roads of Delhi which is home to all the handicrafts. This place has some traditional and modern handicrafts you will want to take home to decorate your place. Musical instruments, wall hangings, bangles, hindu idols, beads, shawls, scarves and what not. You will find the cheapest handicrafts here at this customer favorite place. A must visit for everyday trendy wear.

Tibetan Market
The Tibetan market, also known as Monastery market is a major hit among the youngsters and splurging shopaholics. Tibetan market has a very huge collection of artifacts like paintings, antiques, wooden lamps, incense and jewelry. Semi precious stones are the major attraction of this market. All the items here are impressive and worth buying.

State Emporia complex
This place has got the best artwork of every state for you. State Emporia has a line of shops, representing various states of India. The mesmerising collection of art works has an aesthetic appeal. Take home the miniature paintings of Gujarat and madhubani paintings of Bihar. The Trimurti emporium of Maharashtra will provide you with some good potter and lac made items; while the Cauvery emporium of Karnataka has some beautiful terracotta arts and sandal wood crafts waiting.

Indian Handicrafts Emporium
Since 1966, this place has been one of the most popular handicraft shopping destinations. They are famous for manufacturing and supplying premium quality range of Dhokra Castings, Exquisite Brassware, Tribal Arts of Bastar, Silk Fabrics, Itinerary, Kundan Jewellery, Jewellery, Carpets of Kashmir and Chess Sets. The products are of upmost quality designed and crafted by expert and experienced people. Seems perfect to check out for an interior redo.


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