Barong Craft, Children Loved


Barong Craft, Children Loved

LOTS of art events in Banyuwangi, helped boost barong craftsmen. Moreover, not only adults, crafts barong many loved children. The results of this art creations were selling well. Not only barong, barong art devices are also in demand. Start pit-pitikan and cat-kucingan. Including, musical equipment. Starting from kendang, saron and angklung.

“This variety of art equipment is much loved by children,” said Linda, shopkeeper of art “Singo Barong” on Basuki Rachmat Street, Banyuwangi to Banyuwangi Business last week.According to Linda, it is not only pure business. However, participating in preserving local arts. In fact, targeting children. “Despite the great barong, there are also elementary school children who bought the same parents. There is also a message to be made according to the size of the children, “he explained.

Art crafts in his shop, Linda continued, is the work of Suripto, his own father. In the past, he said, there is no outlet, it only received orders. About the price, art crafts are quite expensive. But it is in accordance with the level of difficulty of manufacture and art value. Barong Prejeng for adult age valued Rp 800.000, Barong Rogo reached Rp 1 million. Size, the two art crafts look greatest among the others.

In addition, the price of art craft cat-kucingan for adult age worth Rp 250,000 to Rp 200,000. While the spots reach Rp 650,000. Wood became the main ingredient of this art craft.Design art crafts for children, the price is relatively affordable. Replica of artists who are playing barong sold at Rp 250,000. Mask carong caplok made of cork valued Rp 17.000

Linda explained, the store does sell art crafts for children’s shows and games. In fact, there are musical instruments saron, drum, angklung for toys and real (for adults). Visitors can also order according to the desired size. It also sells omprok Gandrung and udeng typical Using. “If the turnover, now has started high public interest. Especially since the boomingcultural activities in Banyuwangi. So, omzetnya range of Rp 3 million to Rp 5 million a month, “he concluded


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