Behind the Inspirational Figure of Hyacinth Craftsmen


Behind the Inspirational Figure of Hyacinth Craftsmen

Hyacinth is one type of floating aquatic plants that have a high growth rate so that these plants are considered as weeds that can damage the aquatic environment. Former teacher and one of UIN Bandung campus activist in this 80s everyday make crafts from water hyacinth.

“What I do now enjoy the old age, fishing and side work at home while nyantai ngopi make craft bags from water hyacinth,” said Mr. Duduy at home. This 58-year-old man is a former Madrasah Aliyah school teacher in Cipeundeuy, as well as a former founder of communications and handicraft tutoring in his area.
With knowledge and extensive insight, Mr. Duduy was to be appointed civil servant (PNS) while still teaching but he rejected him for several reasons, in addition to the education he has a poor work experience, one of which has ever plunged into the world of government. certainly not a haphazard job, duduy duduy income can be spelled out enough to buy four-wheeled vehicles, but comfort in work and the spirit that is no longer young, Mr. Duduy prefer to stay at home.

“Last I work in the government of Sukabumi with a decent salary, but the environment and partner work that is not good at heart, I chose to resign,” he said. Now Mr. Duduy is more busy channeling his fishing hobby in the Cirata Reservoir, since he often played to reservoir cirata see the situation of the reservoir that many decorated with water hyacinth he thought how to throw water hyacinth.

Water hyacinth, in addition to polluting the beauty of water can disrupt the activity of life in the water, both human and fish. With the emergence of water hyacinth, automatic has become the responsibility of the agency management reservoir cirata (BPWC), overcome it besides throwing water hyacinth bpwc proposed pak duduy to manage water hyacinth which became one of the BPWC program, the CSR program for economic improvement and welfare of society in the village of Cipeundeuy.

it is almost 3 years more Pak Duduy make handicraft hyacinth, in making kerajinanya he is not alone, could make handicraft lessons but the response is not good from the community, so only a few who participated in making water hyacinth crafts from various villages in the district Cipeundeuy. Until now Mr. Duduy enjoy the job because in his old age more priority to get together with family.

“Older what else to look for, what is important we can get together with family and enjoy life, this is also told by BPWC make ital work itung workpiece good for buying cigarettes and coffee, I do important work at home,” he said .


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