Bilal Origin of Magic Water Pipe So Beautiful Decorative Lamps


Bilal Origin of Magic Water Pipe So Beautiful Decorative Lamps

So far, the parallel pipes are identical as building materials as well as for waterways. But, make no mistake, in the hands of creative people, paralon become the raw material of interesting craft. As did AW Widodo this. Residents Housing Bengawan Solo Regency, Pakunden Village, District Sukorejo, Blitar, East Java is turning paralon into beautiful crafts. Father of two children make decorative lamps, vases, ashtrays, bracelets, chairs, and tables made of Water Pipe.

“All 63 kinds of crafts, but the most orders of decorative lights and vases,” said Willy, AW Widodo familiar call, was met at his home on Thursday.House type 36 it becomes a place of production and gallery for crafts Willy. A number of handicrafts are displayed on a rack in the living room.The garage beside the house was conjured as a production room. While the home page used to dry a new craft half-finished.

Willy just pursue making crafts made from paralon one and a half years. The man who worked as a contractor was initially just for fun making handicrafts for his own home decoration.As a contractor, he often gets water pipe waste from the project.Initially, the paralon waste from the project was sold to a richer collector. The selling price is also cheap. Willy has an idea to make handicraft made from paralon waste.

As a test run, he made decorative lamps from paralon waste.”At first I made the craft for my own home decoration, after so many neighbors that interest and message made .. From there I finally started to pursue making this craft,” said this man born in Malang.Willy’s paralon craft is different from the others. He is more accentuated carving than form.Engraving at Willy’s water pipe craft in more detail. The manufacturing process also looks simple. Before it was formed, the water pipe was burned first.After that, he began to carve a water pipe according to taste. He carved a water pipe using a drill. The carved water pipe was then painted.

“In addition to being easy to set up, the combustion process is also to give the impression of natural colors like wood,” he said.Willy’s water pipe craft is sold from Rp 5,000 to Rp 1.6 million. For ornamental light crafts on average sold at Rp 175,000 per set. A set of three to four decorative lights.
Willy’s current handicraft marketing is much more out of town. Orders come from Malang, Yogyakarta, and Bali. Orders also come from overseas such as Malaysia and Brunei.”I have been able to order ornamental lights from Brunei worth Rp 80 million,” he said.

During this time, Willy is still working alone. He wears the workers when there are many orders. Usually, he uses four works for the finishing part only.Willy had a dream of opening her own workshop and gallery for her craft.He wants to recruit young people in his neighborhood to join in his craft.”If the current turnover is still around Rp 25 million per month, we still collect the capital to open the workshop and gallery,” he said.


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