Business Ideas We Love


Business Ideas We Love

Digital marketing
Are you an experienced web developer, content writer, graphic designer or social media manager? Any one of these skills is enough to offer digital marketing services to businesses, and combining them only makes your value proposition even higher.

Local farming
are increasingly conscious about eating healthy and eating local. For many, however, locally grown produce, meat, milk and eggs are hard to find or cost prohibitive. Urban and suburban backyard farming has already staged a comeback. Now, it’s time for the small commercial farmer.

Landscaping and tree service
If you’ve tried to call a tree service lately, you probably already know there’s a big gap between supply and demand. Increasingly severe weather in all parts of the country is causing tree damage that only professionals can repair. It’s not a business for the timid, but if you can find some experienced employees, you’ll probably have all the work you can handle.

Private tutor and education consultant
There will always be students who need extra help or want to go the extra mile. Offering private tutoring services is a great way to start a side-hustle that can grow into your own small business. To expand your services, consider investing in your own education, or bringing on employees with a variety of expertise. Think outside the box as well; it’s not just the core school subjects that are in demand, but also niche subjects like coding and music theory. Extending your services to adult learners also expands your customer base.

Specialty diet baking and catering service
Many people are looking for gluten-free and vegan food options. While more restaurants and catering services are accommodating those demands, there are still major gaps that need filling. In fact, by 2020 the market for gluten-free foods alone is projected to be valued at $7.6 billion, according to Statista.

Home cleaning service
A clean home is a happy home, and most everyone has experience cleaning. The trouble is, many people just don’t want to do it, or don’t have enough hours in the day to make their home sparkle. That’s where a home cleaning service can come in. Like landscaping, a cleaning service means a bit of elbow grease, but it can pay off quickly once you make a name for yourself as a thorough, reliable cleaning company.


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