Cooperate with Local Craftsmen, this Youth earns a Turnover of Tens of Million per Month


Cooperate with Local Craftsmen, this Youth earns a Turnover of Tens of Million per Month

Indonesia has abundant timber, but it has not been fully utilized. A lot of the remains are still big thrown away just like that. On the other hand, Indonesia’s wood production is still unable to compete with factories abroad. This opportunity is targeted Ivan Yahya Adhi Teja who took a row of wooden craftsmen from Java, especially Solo and Jepara. After a strata of one product design education in Australia, this young boy born in 1987 decided to go back and contribute to the homeland and build his brand, IZEMU.

“Currently, many local woodcraft factories are closed because they are unable to compete with foreign products. Artisans in the area eventually lost their livelihood. IZEMU departs from the challenge, “Ivan said. Not just want to local woodcraft products can be more competitive, but Ivan also has a mission. With products that are competitive, automatically the welfare of local craftsmen will also be lifted up.

Ivan stated that building the business is exactly the same as managing wood, “There are processes and stages to be lived,” said Ivan, the owner of a local brand that is now earning tens of millions of rupiah per month. He tells a lot of interesting experiences during dabbling in this world of wood crafts, business is not always running smoothly. Ivan never get wood raw materials that have been moldy due to exposure to rain water during the trip to his workshop.

Due to rain, dark blue spots on the wood. However, not necessarily disappointed even ‘accident’ it actually brings new ideas for product design. “We explain the truth to the buyer why the color of the wood is uneven. Not unexpectedly, there was just the demand, “Ivan added. Introduce products to the community is also no less challenging. Before undergoing online marketing , Ivan follows various bazaars or exhibitions, all the while thinking about how online distribution works.

In marketing strategy, he said that offline and online marketing that can synergize. “From online IZEMU products can be sold to various cities without having to open stores in these cities,” he explained. Izemu utilizes wooden materials to the smallest piece and Ivan wants the buyers to get quality products and use them according to their needs.

“Buyers should know that our brand and products are right there and have qualified qualities via offline, bazaar or exhibition. On the other hand, online marketing , for example through a marketplace like Tokopedia, in my opinion should also be done to expand the market and provide more convenience to buyers, “Ivan closed.


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