Craft Purun Villagers are Marketed to Outside South Kalimantan


Craft Purun Villagers are Marketed to Outside South Kalimantan

DARKUNI, a resident of Palimbang Village, Haur Gading Sub-district has been decades to become a craftsman.From the manufacture of lampit so far to be the maker of the place of delivery or parcel.Raw materials are easy to get and quite cheap make Darkuni devoted to this job.

Although his age is advanced, but his spirit makes the craft never faded.Not only to meet the needs, Darkuni want this profession inherited by children and grandchildren later.Therefore now he often teaches how to purun purun to his children to be crafted.Purun that has been purchased cleaned and taken the middle.

Darkuni also makes pattern prints on a wood so that it is just arranging purun and paste using rope from rattan.Place delivery or parcel quite easy to make.Once finished, the bottom base pattern of the edges still uses purun woven to the side.For adjustable edge height.For easy carrying it is also made extra to hold.

Currently parcel manufacture is modified with various sizes, decoration and color.For the manufacture of the basic color of the material first colored using a special dye.”Boiled with a dye, let stand all day and then dried until dried after it was plunged as usual,” he said.

One kodi is 20 pieces sold at Rp 100 thousand, if the raw material is available quickly to manufacture 20 pieces of delivery or parcel.The velocity of money is also fast because Darsuni does not need to sell to the market but sold to BUMDes that accommodate the handicrafts from the community.”Sometimes although there are only 10 pieces, and the need for money can be directly sold not wait a lot,” he said.

Sabirin, Head of Palimbang Village said, to facilitate the villagers in selling the village to build BUMDesa As Syifa for community empowerment.The result of handicrafts residents purchased BUMDes to be marketed to exit the region to order.Sometimes, call him, if there are orders in large quantities the craftsmen are required to make craft to order.

Evidently, during these two years BUMDes continues to grow and now has sold the handicrafts to Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan or around South Kalimantan seputaran.”Before Ramadan, we already have the supply of handicrafts and parcel quite a lot because of the fact that the number of orders increased, in fact, last year there were orders that could not be fulfilled because of too much,” he said.
The number of craftsmen who cooperate with BUMDes about 200 people, the village does not take much advantage so that crafters can get the best price.”This program avoids the existence of unscrupulous collectors who toyed the price, because usually when ordering quiet, the price will be lowered to make the crafters a little profit,” said Sabirin.


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