The Cultivation of Hongkong Caterpillar, Become A Millionaire


The Cultivation of Hongkong Caterpillar, Become A Millionaire

Hongkong caterpillar is one of the most sought after caterpillars. Why hongkong worms become one option, because hongkong worms can be used as animal supplements such as; birds, fish, mini hedgehogs, sugar gliders, gecko, frogs, and other farm animals. In addition, hongkong worms can also be used as animal feed ingredients in the form of pellets. Day by day more and more people are rearing birds ranging from exorbitant chirping birds to plain birds.

Thus, it can be concluded that the longer the needs of this hongkong caterpillar more and more. That is, business opportunities cultivation of hongkong caterpillar is still wide open to be utilized with the maximum. Therefore, the business opportunity of this hongkong caterpillar needs to be improved both in quantity and quality. After all, the cultivation of hongkong caterpillars is quite easy to do. This cultivation requires only a patience. This business can be done as a side business that can be done at home.

Actually there are only four basic things that need to be provided in the cultivation of this hongkong caterpillar. The four things are cages, maintenance media, seeds, and feed. The enclosure can be made using a plywood that forms a box. Then the box from this plywood made a multilevel shelf with a distance between shelves sekitan 10 cm. The shelves are coated with duct tape, it is done so that the caterpillars are not easily out of place that has been provided.

The medium used to maintain this hongkong caterpillar is a mixture of fine bran with dried tofu waste. Then the media is put into the shelves that are used as a cage with a thickness of about one-fourth part of the total height of the container. For seeds can be purchased at breeders or in the feed stores of animals. While in the case of feed, be sure to replace the feed periodically so as not to rot and become a hive of disease for Hong Kong caterpillars.

This hongkong caterpillar breeding is not a difficult job. The first thing to do is to put the seeds in the cage. Maintain approximately for 90 days until transformed into a cocoon. For approximately 10 days, this cocoon will turn into a beetle. This beetle will produce new eggs and seeds. When this seed has entered the age of fifty days, then this hongkong worm was ready to be marketed. You are interested in becoming a millionaire with hongkong caterpillar cultivation? Please try


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