Gresik Handicraftsmen need Government Attention


Gresik Handicraftsmen need Government Attention

Gresik, besides being famous as an industrial city, also keeps the potential of MSMEs which should be a serious concern for local government. It is unfortunate that the government’s efforts to grow as many enterpreunerships allow small industries to be in trouble.

A number of handicraft bags in the area of Jl Wachid Hasyim feel the sweetness of this school’s new school year. This annual sustenance has been enjoyed by craftsmen since long. Only, now they have to compete because the number of craftsmen last three years increased.Formerly in this region there are many crafters bag, now only a few people do it. As Miftahul Arif (40) who made a bag on Jl Wachid Hasyim 7B, Village District Kauman Town. Since 1970, Miftahul Miftahul follows in the footsteps of his father, Nursam, making bags for schoolchildren.

A wide variety of bags are produced from here. Start school bag, order from factory or Gresik regency. It has been ten years since Miftahul Arif became a handicraftsman. “The village was once famous for making bags, but now many are switching professions,” said Arif.Admittedly, due to economic insistence in this village many people who turned into civil servants. Once in 1970 the craftsman of this dikawssan bag is regarded as a small king. Therefore, the workers who work on the bag has a fairly high income compared to a civil servant.

“Now the opposite, many people who want to be civil servants. This condition makes small industrial area of bag here suspended animation, “added Arif. Added, another factor that makes the bag industry slump is the presence of bag and luggage industry Tanggulangin (Intako) in Tanggulangin, Sidoarjo and bag industry in Lamongan.

Competition that makes craftsmen in Wakhid Hasyim region is reduced. “Maybe with the entry into the PNS eventually many who stopped so craftsmen bag,” said Arif added. It is said, during this time he and other craftsmen to buy the bag materials to Kramat Gantung, Surabaya. For marketing Arif claimed to be marketed to Pasar Turi Surabaya and wait for the coming order. “The bags we send are backpacks and school bags,” added Arif.

Currently, Arif who employs 10 employees is able to produce 5 dusin a day. 1 dusinnya amounted to 12 bags. When approaching the new teachings now the employee can 10 dusin that pengerjaannya dikebut overnight. “If the normal day, the buyer is relatively small. Which comes only limited to normal bag messages. But at the turn of the new school year, buyers are booming by more than 50 percent, “he said.

Entering the new year of student teaching, as it is today, there is a considerable increase in demand. For the purchase also experienced a significant increase. This new academic year or semester is a long-awaited time for school equipment dealers.Judging from the above issues, clearly visible bag industry in gresik district still holds the potential that will continue to grow. Promotional efforts should be done systematically by providing sufficient supplies to each SME on SME management and promotion strategies. Bilaperlu made a strategic plan that makes the business of handicraft bags.


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