Italy Message Thousands of Lampion from Malang Craftsmen


Italy Message Thousands of Lampion from Malang Craftsmen

Craftsmen lanterns in Jalan Juanda, Jodipan, Malang, admitted flooded order when entering the Chinese New Year or Imlek. If usually per month only receive orders approximately 50 lanterns, when Imlek, orders increased to thousands of lanterns. “It’s just finished working on an order from Italy, it’s 2,500 lanterns,” said Achmad Syamsudin, the lantern craftsman.

Work order from the State Pizza has been done since last January. This order is done by 11 lantern craftsmen. Prices for lanterns shipped to Italy are priced at Rp60 thousand per lampion. “The price is the same as that sold in local for the size of 40 diameter price Rp60 thousand.Usually every month sells 50s lanterns, but near this Imlek can be 4 thousands of lanterns,” said Achmad.

Achmad admitted wrestle business lanterns since 2006. Initially Achmad was an employee of one of the lantern craftsmen. Since 2010 he began to wrestle own lampion business. “Outside the order to Italy is usually the most area of Malang, Surabaya, Jakarta, Bali and other areas in Indonesia.Initially learned to follow people, continued seven years ago I started to learn to open my own business,” said Achmad.

There are four models of lanterns most in demand, namely balls, cylinders, ovals, and capsules. Achmad lampion produced price also varies, depending on the model and size of the diameter of the lanterns are made. For the diameter of the smallest diameter size 25 diameter dibandrol with price Rp25.000, per 5 diameter there is an increase Rp5.000. While the character model lantern with a diameter of 1.5 meters he membandrol price of up to Rp 5 million.

“If the price is still the same, because it can not be raised even though the price of raw materials is increasing, raw material of rattan lantern, peles, wire and glue,” said Achmad.


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