Successful Duck Business Police Story


Successful Duck Business Police Story

Iptu Iman Budiman a Patrol Kanit at Sindur Mountain, Bogor, did not expect the duck business to succeed as it is now. In the area patrolling, many residents who raise ducks, over time he was interested and tried to breed duck. “It turned out that baseball is complicated, once the patrol of questioning directly learn to raise 500 ducks,” he said at the event of Mantap Sejahtera Entrepreneur Launch from Bank Mantap at Rumah Mandiri Business Incubator, South Jakarta.

Faith started the duck business in 2016, Sata that, he reached Rp 20 million for the procurement of cages, seeds, and other farm facilities. In 45 days duckling pet duck has become an adult duck weighing up to 2 kilograms (kg) per tail.He also earns the harvest and sells 500 ducks at a price of Rp 40,000 per head, from the beginning he bought Rp 25,000. From the proceeds of the sale, Faith again bought 800 ducks and farmed in a land area of 5,000 square meters.

Long story short, Faith got a blessing from the duck business he is currently engaged in. “From the sale of ducks I can walk to China as a family, my children are in college and pesantren,” said Iman proudly. Although I was busy taking care of the ducks, Iman did not forget his duty as a police officer “I am also sanctioned by the leadership.Many of them (police) call me Faith Duck .. yeah how nice but also so nice,” he laughed.

Despite his success, Faith did not want to be stingy to share knowledge until finally Bank Mantap appointed him as foster father for retirees who want to entrepreneurship duck. “I can not have people forced to go to duck breeders. But God has introduced me to PPG (Son of Mighty Genetics / duck breeder) .Then I like maybe this is my way for old age,” he concluded.

Behind the success of Faith, there is Drh Agustin Polana who has been in the poultry world for 33 years. Women who work in duck nursery, Mighty Genetics Son, this gives a lot of insert and coaching for the beginner duck breeders.”If the farm for the people can buy only 500 tail per tail Rp 25 thousand so only Rp 12.5 million and other kandanga 20 to 30 million.Huge market because of the needs of large ducks from five- to five-foot.It is for duck commercial or duck taken the meat. ” Agustin said.

According Agustin place and maintenance factor is an important thing in raising ducks. Because if the stress because the place is not comfortable, the weight of the duck shrink. Usually sold duck weighs ranging between 1.4-1.6 kg even 2 kg with a selling price ranging from Rp 19 thousand to Rp 20 thousand per kilo. Agustin added that people who want to breed ducks do not have to worry because the management of duck cultivation is easier than other birds.


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