Successful Sheep Farmer with Rp 400 Million Turnover


Successful Sheep Farmer with Rp 400 Million Turnover

Sofian Hadi, a breeder who may be considered successful enough to achieve success from Garut sheep that maintained. Currently, turnover reaches Rp 400 million in a year, or Rp 33 million in a month. Garut sheep business has been dilakoninya since 13 years ago. He juggle the land that is not too large in his house, in Ujung Berung, Bandung, as a cage. Initially, he only kept 7 tails, until now reproduce until ever reaching 200 goats.

“At the moment there are 131 sheep, one goat, because sheep can not be combined.” In the beginning, only 7 tail, if the turnover of Rp 400 million a year from the goats sold, “said Sofian. According to Sofian, he only focus on breeding sheep Garut. Mostly sold as meat lamb, the rest again sold for the commonly used agility lamb in West Java.

“Make the agility 40% of the goats sold.Price for a high density, between Rp 9-20 million per head with a weight of 60-90 kg.As for the sacrificial meat sheep cost Rp 5-6 million with a weight of 65-85,” he said. According to him, sheep business is quite tempting. The market is always there, especially for aqiqah and sacrificial animals during Eid al-Adha. In addition, the high birth rate of the sheep keeps the number raised rapidly.

“I keep all Garut sheep, biakin own, one year a tail brood added (beranak) twice or once.Iam Adha I sold up to 160 heads that cost Rp 5-9 million per head,” said Sofian who has a side business optical store this. Currently, he has employed 18 employees to look after his sheepfold. From the results of the effort to raise sheep, he had hajj and send their children to college. However, raising sheep does not mean without obstacles. The main problem at this time is the feed that sometimes drag during the dry season.

“Now the first child is in college, again the thesis, the least is 5 years old .. Well keep the sheep the hardest grass, if the dry season is difficult, besides ngarit, we plant the grass itself too, but the weather is so hard,” said Sofian.


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